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I am so happy to have you here. My name is Sara and I am a newly stay at home mom to my son Benjamin and my unborn daughter due in March. This blog is all about my experience as a mom and my journey through motherhood. I love teaching, planning activities for children, home decor, traveling and food. Whether you are looking for fun things to do with your little ones or tips and products to make life with children easier, you will find it all here. I share personal stories and opinions and things that go on in my real life. Check out my about me to find out more about my background. I am beyond excited for this new journey and can’t wait to share it all with you.

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7 things to do before baby arrives

7 things to do before baby arrives

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I only have about 8 more weeks to go! Oh-em-geh! This time will fly past just like the rest of my pregnancy and I am trying to get ready for baby girls arrival. Here is my list of suggestion of things to do before baby actually arrives. Please leave a comment if I am missing something you did before your bundle of joy arrived. This momma needs all the advice!

1. Precook meals

I am planning on precooking some meals I can easily freeze and later thaw and heat up. I have absolutely no desire to cook while I am trying to figure out how to handle life with a newborn and a three-year-old. My goal is to make my life as easy as possible, so I can focus more on healing, bonding and getting to know the groove of things.

Easy meals to precook and freeze include: Lasagna, Chili, Soups, Casseroles, Pasta bakes and anything that you can throw in a slow cooker

2. Deep clean your house

I think it would be horrible to come home from the hospital and your house is an absolute disaster. Your exhausted, tired and sore and cleaning is the last thing on your mind. Since I have had all this extra time I have to say my house is pretty clean but I am planning to really deep clean when I get closer to my due date. Dust vents, clean windows, polish the floors and getting rid of some of the unnecessary clutter are some of my to do’s.

3. Get your home baby-ready

Not only do you need to baby proof your home (cover outlets, hide cables, etc) you will also need to get your house as functional as possible. Believe me! You don’t want to keep going up and down. I am planning on leaving my pack’n’play downstairs, so I can put baby girl in it if she falls asleep or if I need a minute. I keep diapers, wipes and an extra outfit in the downstairs bathroom and I want to make sure I have something to do upstairs for my older child when it’s time to rock the baby to sleep or bathe her. Check out my list of must have’s and don’t buys for your newborn here!

4. Make arrangements for your other child and have an emergency plan

Do you know who to call if it’s time? Who is taking you to the hospital? Who is watching your child while you’re in labor?

This is going to be tricky for us because Deantoni is out of town a lot and it would take him way too long to get to me. He is going to ask to be scheduled for more local work once we’re closer to my due date. But he could still be hours away from me and that was one of the reasons why I chose to deliver at a hospital closer to me. If I am capable I will probably drive myself and have my mother in law meet me there, so she can watch Benjamin. I am just praying my water breaks on a day Dee is actually at home, this would save me so much headache.

5. Pack hospital bag way in advance

I went past my due date when I had Benjamin but you never know and this one could come earlier. Be ready regardless! The last thing you want to do when it happens, is to pack a bag. I would probably take the bag with me wherever I go- I just leave it in the car. I will write a separate post on what to pack in your hospital bag soon.

6. Have a date night

Things will be a lot different once you add another child into the mix. It’s hard work raising a child and caring for a newborn. There will be sleepless nights and early mornings. I already know I will be overwhelmed with emotions and at times stressed out. It will be difficult to find time and energy to focus on your partner. (Try the best as you can!) I suggest to have a nice date night before your baby arrives. Get dressed up, have a fancy dinner, go to the  movies,.. enjoy time as a couple. If you don’t feel like going out, just have some quality conversations at home cuddled up in bed. Compliment each other, talk about future goals or just laugh and tell old stories. I absolutely love those moments.

7. Spend time with your other child

Not only do you need some extra time with your significant other, you should also enjoy the last weeks with your children. It will never be the same again after your new baby joins your world. The baby will get a lot of attention and your other child/children may feel left out. I am glad I made the decision to stay home before the baby arrives. It gives me a great opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Benjamin. I also use this time to prepare him for the new arrival. See my post about preparing your child for baby Nr. 2 here.


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